Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Yesterday, You Said Tomorrow - A New Year 2013

The statement "Yesterday, You Said Tomorrow," is a precept for the popular response  "Just Do It!"  which was made popular by the household name of Nike, Inc.

Many people make new goals a week or two before the New Years begin.  At this point I have not fully developed my goals or the plan to get me where I need to be by this time next year in 2014. 

As I sit at my desk thinking about what things I want to accomplish by next year, I am feeling that the listing of these goals are fairly simple but the motivation within me to push forward to make things happen is not where I desire it to be.  I have had some very successful years, in which I met and completed a majority of my goals.  My motivation was strong, and I was very focused and nothing could stop me.

So my thinking is that there must be some things that I must do to increase my motivation.  I have been reading the book "Do You'" by Russell Simmons, and one of the things that got my attention is that many successful people meditate, have a relationship with God, or higher force within them.  They find the time to pray, meditate, talk to God and also spend time in silence.  I remember my mother saying at different times in my life, that without God, without a spiritual life, you are lost.  With her wisdom, I believe this to be true.

My spiritual life has been waning over the years.  I have become leery about people and those that say they are spiritual,  as I see no light.  I have been hurt by a few people that were leaders within the church, and for many years have stayed clear of such institutions. 

However, I know God is real.  I know that I am still here because He has protected my life from real danger.  I have experienced Him.  I have felt His spirit upon me, within me and through me.  He also showed me that He has been with me during those times when I thought I was all alone; Alone in my mind, and alone in my spirit.

God showed me who I am.  He showed me where I came from.  He showed me where I am going, and He showed me my assignment.  That alone should be my motivation.

So today as I write this, my first goal for this New Year is for me to find a quiet place everyday, and to spend time in the Word,  praying, and meditating.  

Then as I begin to do these things, I will take each goal that is before me and work towards the completion of them.  God has set a path before me.

As it says in Psalm 119:105,

 "Your Word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path." (NIV)
God also said in Matthew 6:33,

 "But Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God and All his Righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you."   

So with this...It is important to seek the Spirit of God in all things and when one does, one's motivation will be energized.  

I take this day to Do it Today and not Wait for Tomorrow. I am going to push beyond procrastination and "Just Do It" Today!!!

I hope and pray that my struggles encourage you as I am encouraging myself to move forward and Do!

May you have a wonderful, motivated, successful New Year!!!


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